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Excluding contacts by CRM lead status
Excluding contacts by CRM lead status

Exclusion is set up in the onboarding phase

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Available with: Prospect Engagement Pro

During onboarding, you’ll be asked to provide which CRM statuses to exclude. This will determine which leads to exclude from Foureyes email campaigns. These decisions should be specific to and aligned with your sales process.

However, you don’t have to set up these exclusions. By choosing not to set this up, the default settings are as follows:

If you didn’t set up which CRM statuses to exclude during onboarding, please contact us.

Understandably, every sales process is different. Choosing your specific data sync settings to send only to contacts you determine are eligible is key to making sure Foureyes fits the way your dealership operates.

Examples of statuses to ‘exclude’:

  • Pending Finance

  • Lost Sale

The lead statuses you submit must EXACTLY match how the statuses are written in the CRM.

Tip: Once a contact has been excluded, they cannot be added back to email campaigns from Foureyes. With that in mind, be thoughtful when submitting your exclusion statuses to the Foureyes team.

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