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Determining a contact’s Vehicle of Interest
Determining a contact’s Vehicle of Interest

How does Foureyes' Vehicle of Interest Algorithm work?

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For new leads that get added to Foureyes by filling out a form or chat via the website, Foureyes Prospect Engagement uses the contact’s shopping activity history and its Vehicle of Interest Algorithm to assign a Vehicle of Interest.

Once the contact clicks through to your website again, Foureyes now is capable of monitoring their online shopping habits to continually adjust the shopper's "Vehicle of Interest." This includes when a shopper:

  • Views a Vehicle Detail Page (VDP)

  • Filters inventory for a specific model

  • Searches for specific model

  • Inputs a specific model in a form field

  • Inquires about a specific model over chat

Available with: Prospect Engagement Pro

For all leads added to Foureyes via integration with the CRM, Foureyes uses a defined vehicle listed on the CRM record to begin initial email sends (see Suggested Vehicle campaigns).

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