Available with: Prospect Engagement Pro

To customize your email campaigns send us a message.

Customization options exist for the following:

  1. Email color: We have a list of colors you can choose from to match Foureyes emails to your dealership website. Or, if you want a custom color, we can make that happen too.
  2. Price Drop threshold: The default threshold to trigger Price Drop emails is $250, but you can customize to any amount to trigger notifications.
  3. Campaigns: All three campaign types will be turned on at launch (which is our recommended setting), but you can choose to turn specific campaign types off or on at any time.
  4. Email timing: When customers become eligible to receive Foureyes emails, they will start receiving communication as soon as the next day. If you would like to increase this amount of time, you can choose to increase the number of days Foureyes Prospect Engagement will wait before sending the first email communication.
  5. Price information: Vehicle price and lease values will be included in emails when available (which is our recommended setting), but you can choose not to display lease values or vehicle price at any time. If you opt not to include pricing in emails, the default text will be "See Dealer for Details.”

Tip: Price and lease values that are embedded in images can’t be understood by Foureyes crawlers. Make sure you update the text price when running lease specials or dropping prices to include them in Foureyes emails.

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