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Setting up your email distribution group
Setting up your email distribution group

Step by step directions for how to set up your email distribution group

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You or a member of your IT team will need to set up an email distribution group at your dealership to allow Foureyes Prospect Engagement to run.

Instructions vary based on your email provider and you must be an administrator of Microsoft Exchange or G Suite to set up this email distribution group.


If you use EXCHANGE ONLINE, Microsoft has up-to-date instructions available here:

If you use EXCHANGE 2019, Microsoft has up-to-date instructions available here:

G Suite

If you use Google SUITE, please follow the step-by-step guide below.

1. Log in to the G Suite Admin console. You should be able to find this at: (just replace YOURDOMAINHERE.COM with your actual domain.

2. Click on [Groups]

3. Click [Create Group].

4. Fill in the “Name” and “Group Email”. The Name is what will show up as the sender of the email, so we recommend using your dealership name. The group email is the email address which will be visible to recipients, so we suggest something like [email protected]. The "Description" and "Group owners" can be left blank. Then click [NEXT].

5. For the purposes of Foureyes Prospect Engagement, we recommend that you mirror the access settings shown here, then click [CREATE GROUP].

6. Click [Add members to <group name>].

7. Click the [+] symbol.

8. As you start to type the name of someone within your organization that you'd like to add, it should auto-populate, and then you can click on the name to add it.

9. Once you click on the auto-populated email address, you will see it added to the line at the top.

10. Once you’ve added all of your team members, type in '[email protected] ' and click on the pop-up that appears below it to add to the distribution group.

11. After you have everyone added, click [ADD TO GROUP]. Don't be alarmed if they don't show up in the list right away. If you refresh the webpage, you should see them.

12. Finally, send a test email to the group to verify that everyone receives it. Now, you are good to go!

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