Tired of leaving voicemails with little hope of customers calling back? You might be calling the wrong customers.

Your CRM’s follow-up list is put together from the information you gathered. So naturally, it’s going to be information you’ve already seen. Your Coffee Report is different because it’s compiled with insights gathered from your customers online shopping activity and your CRM’s information. This allows Foureyes to send you prospects that are actively shopping your website.

Would you rather call prospects that you think are in-market or ones that are actively shopping your website?

Foureyes goes above and beyond by pulling information from your CRM and your website in order to provide you with your hottest prospects. Think of Foureyes as the connection between your website and your CRM - both are important for different reasons.

Should I call everyone on my Coffee Report?

If a prospect is published to your Coffee Report it means they've shopped your website within the last 24 hours. Only qualified sales prospects (QSPs) who have exhibited buying behavior in website activity, chat messages or phone calls will be included on this list. Consider your website as your online showroom - would you talk to prospects walking around your real showroom? Of course you would.

What should I say to them?

Anything besides "I saw you online…" That's the fastest way to creep out your prospect and lose the sale. Instead, we recommend checking out their most popular and most recently viewed vehicles found at the bottom left of your prospect's Coffee Report listing. (Pro-tip: For in-depth shopping activity click into your prospects' Profile Page.)

Below are some questions to help you develop the best talk track for prospects in your Coffee Report.

Ask yourself these questions before contacting a prospect:

  1.  Has there been a price or incentive change on their vehicle(s) of interest?

"Hi ___, I wanted to reach out and let you know about a price drop on a ___ that I think you'd love. Are you free Saturday at noon for a test drive?"

  1.  Have new vehicles been added to the lot that are similar to their other interests?

"Hi ___, we just added several new sedans to the lot with excellent gas mileage and top safety ratings so you can drive easy knowing your grandchildren are safe. Are you free tomorrow at 5:30 to take a look?”

  1.  Is your prospect's "Most Recent" viewed vehicle different or surprising?

"Hi ___, last week we spoke about several Minivans but after thinking more about it, a crossover might suit your growing family's outdoor equipment needs better! Are you free Thursday at 1 to come down and check them out?"

None of those helped me...

That's fine! Your prospects are telling you they're still in the market and interested in your inventory by simply coming back to your website. If you're still unsure of what to say, it's never a bad idea to reach out and ask how their car buying experience is going. Reminding your prospects while they're actively in the market that you’re a resource and happy to help them is great customer service and will result in more sales.

How does Foureyes know who my hot leads are?

When your dealership enrolled in Foureyes, a small line of code was added to your website. This code allows Foureyes to gather information on your prospects' online shopping. Foureyes then uses that information to let you know which leads are hot and when you should reach out.

How to make the most of my Coffee Report

Your Coffee Report is a great tool to plan your follow-up. Open or print it every morning to see your hot leads that should be followed up with that day. Use your prospect's Most Popular and Most Recently viewed vehicle information to plan your follow-up -- if you're unsure of what to say, simply ask how their car buying experience is going and if there is anything you can do to help.

"Foureyes provides our team with the ability to know who to call and what the are looking at every day. Our team anxiously awaits the arrival of the Morning Coffee Report to assist us with connecting with the right customer at the right time. This tool has made a huge impact in our monthly sales performance in our opinion and we look forward to assisting it to help us to continue to grow. Four Eyes is the crystal ball of follow up. Thank you for all of your help."

-Bobby Wallace, General Manager at Rick Hendrick Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Charleston 

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