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What is Foureyes?
Who should be using Foureyes?
Who should be using Foureyes?

Your sales group at your dealership will greatly benefit

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Foureyes tracks the shopping activity of your internet leads (calls, forms, and chats). Anyone who handles internet leads at the store will benefit from Foureyes and should be added to your user list! Use the information below to determine the proper access level when adding a new user to your account.

Sales Manager

Sales Managers can see all available views based on the modules they have attached to their Foureyes account. Sales Managers can also add and remove users, as well as change account settings.


The salesperson user type can see only their own Prospect List and Prospect Profile Pages via the Sales Enablement module. Only prospects assigned to that salesperson will be visible.

BDC Agent

The BDC agent can see your Sales Enablement module and Business Intelligence reports. BDC agents do not have access to your account settings.

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