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Why do I have 'recovered' forms?
Why do I have 'recovered' forms?
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Foureyes tracks lead forms on your website. Sometimes, Quality Sales Prospects fill out a form, but for some reason that lead does not make it into your CRM. If it's not in your CRM, how can your salespeople follow up with that lead and sell them a car? This can lead to lost sales! Rest assured, Foureyes Safety Net captures these opportunities for you so you don't miss out.

Here are a few reasons forms don't make it into your CRM:

Abandoned forms

This can happen when a customer fills out their contact information on a form, but leaves the page before submitting.

Broken forms

This can happen if there is an error with your website's code.

Missing ADF

This can happen if your website provider does not have the correct ADF/XML lead address and/or lead format for your CRM.

Incomplete Forms

If a prospect fills out a form but does not complete all the required fields and hits submit OR the prospect fills out the form correctly, hits submit, but encounters a page load completion error that prevents the lead from making it into the CRM.

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