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How do I set up Foureyes at my dealership?
How do I set up Foureyes at my dealership?

Here are the steps for launching Foureyes

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Launching Foureyes at your dealership will take 1-2 weeks. During this time, we will set you up for success by:

  1. Implementing the Foureyes script on your main website and any secondary websites.

  2. Setting your team up to hit the ground selling by collecting information on all the customers shopping your website

  3. Integrating with your CRM in order to notify the right salesperson when their customers are back online shopping.

  4. Creating Foureyes accounts for all salespeople.

  5. Introducing you to your dedicated Client Success Manager (CSM). Your CSM will schedule time(s) with your team to launch Foureyes at your dealership.

Launch and training sessions are required before your account will be considered live. This is an opportunity for your CSM to understand how Foureyes can be tailored to best serve your dealership's needs.

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