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How does Foureyes call tracking work?
How does Foureyes call tracking work?
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Foureyes' patented call tracking system is the only tool in the world that is able to tie a phone call to a web visit! This means that when someone calls one of the tracking numbers on your website (automatically displayed with Foureyes call-tracking enabled), our analysts are able to separate Quality Sales Prospects from non-sales leads (service calls, vendor calls, etc).

Rest assured, we have purposefully designed our call tracking system so as not to interfere with other tracking services you have in place. We understand how important it is for customers to be able to reach you. Our call tracking script is currently running on 1000+ dealership websites, most of which have various tracking services implemented.

Foureyes' call tracking works by masking the numbers on your site with our tracking numbers and then forwarding back to the numbers we mask. So, although the number the customer dials is provided by Foureyes, this number immediately forwards back to the last number published on your website.

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