Tags are short one or two-word identifiers that quickly communicate insights about your prospects. They're utilized across every aspect of Foureyes, to help you spot high priority opportunities quickly.

Filter your Prospect List by one or more Tags to align your follow-up with your current sales goals.


What it means: Foureyes notified you that a prospect returned to your website and no follow-up was logged in your CRM since they returned.

When to use it: Use this filter to identify which customers need follow-up, and which salespeople are assigned to those customers.

Not Lost 

What it means: A prospect has returned to your website 21 days (or more) since you first heard from them.

When to use it: Use this filter to quickly identify which “lost” prospects are still shopping and looking to purchase a vehicle. Reach out before these prospects start shopping elsewhere!


What it means: A prospect was unable to reach a salesperson (voicemail, etc.) during their contact your dealership.

When to use it: Use this filter to identify how frequently customers are missing the chance to speak to a salesperson.

Service Upsell

What it means: A prospect contacted the dealership for service, but Foureyes sees that they are also shopping inventory on your website.

When to use it: Use this filter to build a strategy to target your service customers that are looking at your inventory online and might be ready to purchase or lease their next vehicle.

Recovered (Available with Safety Net)

What it means: Unlogged or unsubmitted leads Foureyes saved and sent into your CRM.

When to use it: Use this filter to ensure any and all missing leads that were recovered by Foureyes are assigned to a salesperson and followed up with appropriately.

Filter by Salesperson or Unassigned (Managers)

What it means: Narrow down the Prospect List to see only one or more of your salespeople’s prospects. You can also filter for prospects that are unassigned.

When to use it: Use this filter to identify who needs help following up with their prospects and which prospects need to be assigned.

Filter by Vehicle Condition

What it means: Identify which prospects are looking for New or Used vehicles so that you can strategically prioritize your outreach and sales efforts.

When to use it: Use this filter to consolidate all the vehicles you need to move off the lot.

For more information see: How do I filter my prospects?

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