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What is Foureyes' Approach to Privacy?
What is Foureyes' Approach to Privacy?
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Foureyes makes it simple and straightforward to feel good about data privacy. Powered by user-level profiles built for 1:1 marketing and sales solutions, Foureyes was designed with the people it serves at its core; we developed this technology with the idea that if you don't want your data collected, we respect that!   

What data does Foureyes collect?

Foureyes collects information on the general use of a website like the traffic source, pages visited, activities performed, or features used.  It then uses other interactions with the company associated with the website to build each user profile.   

Unless you provide personal info on the Foureyes-tracked website, the data associated with your user profile is limited to information automatically collected as you browse and interact with the site.

What does Foureyes do with the data it collects?

Foureyes data may be used to:

  • To power and improve the Foureyes technology

  • To aggregate and anonymize data to provide relevant industry benchmarks and trends to third parties 

  • To understand and analyze the usage of the websites where the Foureyes tool is active

  • To market the products or services of the company and parent company associated with the website 

Want Out? 

If you don’t want your data to be a part of Foureyes, no problem!

Requesting your data is handled in a specific way is as easy as 1,2,3!

1. Click a link below to make a request from our data privacy options:

  • See the type of data that was collected by Foureyes and how that data will be used

  • See a copy of the data Foureyes has collected

  • Delete the data Foureyes has collected 

  • Opt out of being included in the sale of any data  

  • Opt out of data being collected by Foureyes in the future 

2. Verify your contact info via an email from Foureyes so we know it’s you

3. Foureyes will take care of the rest! You'll receive a confirmation when the request is complete

How do my customer’s privacy requests work with the Foureyes products I’m enrolled in?

If your customers are looking for their Foureyes-collected data to be handled in a specific way and request one of the privacy options listed above, Foureyes will take care of it! 

Powered by user-level profiles for 1:1 marketing and sales solutions, Foureyes can execute individual customer data privacy requests with ease. This gives the customer peace of mind AND is compliant with important privacy laws like CCPA.

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