A Paid Lead Alert email is sent when a dealer receives a call, form, or chat lead that originated from a paid campaign. The email is sent as soon as the lead occurs.

This feature is available for Sales Manager users. Alerts can include the following information about your lead and their activities:

  • Who: The Prospect Card which includes basic contact information—first name, last name, phone number, email address.
  • What: The Lead Action Card which includes the lead action and link to the form, call, or chat.
  • When: The Timeline Card which includes a chronological history of up to 10 of the lead’s recent shopping activities.
  • Detail: The Viewed Inventory Card which includes detail about vehicles recently shopped by the lead, plus:
  • Inventory Tags
  • [Recently Reduced]: Applied when the vehicle has dropped in price within the last 7 days.
  • [New On Lot]: Applied when the vehicle has been added to your website inventory within the last 7 days
  • [Popular]: Applied when the vehicle is popular with website visitors.
  • Inventory Tips
  • Most Viewed: Applied when the vehicle is the all time most viewed for the lead.
  • Lead Action Vehicle: Applied when the vehicle is associated with a lead action.

Alerts can also include the following information about the paid campaign associated with the lead:

  • Provider: The advertising provider managing the ad associated with the lead
  • Channel: A high-level category for the lead's origin (e.g. paid, organic, referral)
  • Source: The specific origin of the lead (e.g. google.com, facebook.com, bing.com)
  • Campaign: The category or group that the ad was a part of
  • Term: The word(s) or search string that resulted in the ad displaying -- also recognized as "keyword"

From a Paid Lead Alert email, you can:

  1. Click the ‘View Profile’ button to visit the lead's Profile Page for more details
  2. Click the “View Form” button to read the contents of the form

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