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Wondering what to do if you receive a ‘recovered form’?
Wondering what to do if you receive a ‘recovered form’?

An easy way to add additional prospects to your sales funnel

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Foureyes will keep you in the know of all the form fills on your website so you can take advantage of these opportunities, even if the form was only partially filled out or doesn’t make it into your CRM. 

There are many reasons why a form doesn't make it into your system. It could be incomplete by accident, the customer did not push submit, the form is broken, unconfirmed and does not get sent into your system - it is not always possible for us to see what the cause was. To learn more about the reasons a form wouldn’t make it in to your CRM, click here

When you receive a Recovered Form, there are a few ways to approach your next step depending on your dealership’s style: 

  • Go to the prospect’s profile page in Foureyes and scroll down to the Timeline. Here you can see more information about which form the prospect was filling out and when they were last on your website

  • Follow up as you usually would with any form lead. 

  • Note that you may be the first person from your dealership that they have spoken to, so it’s best to act fast.

  • Add the prospect to your high funnel, dealership specific marketing email list to keep the customer focused on your dealership. Note - keep in mind, your customer may be waiting to hear from a salesperson.

With these steps in place, you will easily add additional prospects to your sales funnel.

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