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What is Foureyes?
Getting Started with Foureyes
Getting Started with Foureyes
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Welcome to Foureyes! We’re excited to partner with you to help your team make more sales. 


Your company recently signed up for Foureyes and provided us with an onboarding contact. Your Client Success Manager and that contact are working through the details required to set up your account, including:

  • Getting an admin login to your CRM in order to sync Foureyes and CRM data

  • Verifying a list of people at your company who need Foureyes login credentials

  • Coordinating user training with your dedicated Product Specialist

  • Creating an email distribution group (Prospect Engagement only)

Learning your account

Once setup is complete, Foureyes checks your CRM to see who is in-market and starts monitoring your website with the Foureyes script. Website monitoring includes tracking your forms, chats, and phone calls, along with your website shoppers and inventory updates.

Logging In

Once Foureyes has completed the learning phase for your account (can take up to one week), users will receive a Welcome Email from Foureyes directing them to login. Once logged in, Sales Managers will have access to their Foureyes modules as well as reporting and settings pages. 

If the account has the Sales Enablement module, sales team members and BDC agents will also receive login access.

What’s Next?

The morning after your setup is complete, sales managers and sales team members on accounts with the Sales Enablement module will receive their first Coffee Report at 8am. Foureyes will begin sending real-time notifications about qualified prospects, and you will start to see Foureyes tracking data logged in your Foureyes interface.

If you have Prospect Engagement, you will receive your first Weekly Report on the first Friday after a full week with Foureyes with email metrics from the past week along with a list of every shopper who clicked on a Foureyes email.

Need a refresher on the Foureyes modules? 

  • Omni-tracking: User-level website tracking of forms, chats, and phone calls to know who your leads are and where they come from.

  • Sales Enablement: Real-time lead intelligence and alerts to know who is interested, who is back in-market, how to follow up, and what to follow up about.

  • Safety Net: Lead logging and summaries for better insight into the sales experience. Sort sales leads from the rest and easily sync to your CRM.

  • Prospect Engagement: Communications built and sent automatically to engage your leads about inventory matched to what they’ve been researching online.

For more information, search our help center, or contact our support team at [email protected].

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