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Keep your customers in the know

Email banners, custom copy and more

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We know you’re taking action to keep customers buying. With your day-to-day operations changing, it’s a good opportunity to stay connected with your customers by updating them on how you’re accommodating their shopping experience. Plus, special incentives, promotions and virtual selling/delivery programs are an effective way of keeping your pipeline warm.

Foureyes is here to help you get the word out. Let the right customers know about relevant information using Prospect Engagement to keep leads interested and close more deals virtually.

We have 3 Prospect Engagement customization options to help keep your customers in the know.

1. Custom Banners

Get your message out consistently and repeatedly to all of your customers with little to no effort using banner images, which can appear in the footer of every email for as long you want.

Running an at home test drive program? We already have a custom-made banner that we can add for you (see below). Have your own creative? We can add that as well. Banners we’re seeing right now include 0% APR, online purchasing options, and vehicle delivery details.

2. Attach incentives to vehicle recommendations

Have a lease special or incentive on a particular vehicle? Include it next to featured inventory in the Suggested Vehicles email — talk about the right information at just the right time. 

This add-on highlights details specific to the vehicles recommended for that prospect based on their most recent shopping behavior. We are seeing dealers use this space to offer lease deals on a specific trim or delayed financing on a specific make. 

3. Custom Copy

We know you have a unique brand, tone, and voice — use it in emails or send a custom message to your most active prospects. Text in the header, call-to-actions and footer is all customizable. 

Dealers can use this option to add dealership hours or showcase their commitment to delivering the best experience. Other examples we’ve seen: 

  • Vehicle Delivery 

  • Buy a Car - Completely Online

  • 0% for 84 months on select units with 90 Days to first payment

We’re using the same Prospect Engagement technology with all these marketing options. All recommended vehicles and price updates are sent dynamically based on the prospect’s most recent website shopping behavior, not just what we knew about them when they became a lead. 

And trust us, people are shopping online now more than ever! That’s where the magic comes in —you get to serve up the most relevant information to your most active shoppers without any effort from you or your team. On top of that, we create the custom campaigns for you.

Want to get this set up for your current deals? Email us at [email protected] and we’ll create a campaign based on your business needs. 

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