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What is Inventory Insights?

Arm your sales team to speak to your competitive advantages

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Follow up with impact with the latest addition to Foureyes, Inventory Insights. 

What is Inventory Insights?

  • Quickly access key information on your new inventory to make sales conversations easier

  • Uncover your competitive advantages including best priced units, recent price drops, inventory additions, aged inventory, and how you compare to the surrounding market (up to a 100 mile radius) 

  • Find easy-to-use talk tracks about your general inventory and specific models that takes the guesswork out of follow-up 

Added bonus - no setup required. No training necessary. 

Who should use it?

Anyone talking to customers and selling “new” cars. 


Always have something to say. No more guessing how to follow up. 

Pricing strategy comes from the top - but it makes the biggest impact on the front lines. 

You can’t beat the facts. Talk tracks about how your inventory compares in price and availability will allow you to make recommendations and closing statements that hit home. Keep your customer believing they are getting the best deal with Inventory Insights. 

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