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Where does the market data come from?

Inventory Insights uses factual market data to generate talk tracks on your inventory advantages

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The market and pricing data in Inventory Insights comes directly from your website and your competitors’ websites. 

Which prices are we showing?

All prices shown in Foureyes are those listed publicly on website vehicle display pages. Foureyes generates insights based on your lowest non-conditional price so that the talk tracks can be used for any and all customers (insights are not dependent on eligibility).

When comparing your prices to your surrounding competitors, it's an even playing field. Your lowest non-conditional price is compared it to your surrounding competitor’s lowest non-conditional prices. 

How does it work?

The Foureyes inventory platform looks at inventory and pricing shared publicly on over 18,000 new car franchise dealer websites across the U.S daily.

Foureyes synthesizes this data and generates insights based on your inventory price, discount and availability in comparison to your surrounding market for you to transform your sales conversations. 

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