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Monitor your service opportunities in Foureyes

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To support fixed ops, Foureyes gives you access to your dealership’s service website leads and all of their web activity in one convenient place.

How to view Service leads

In the Service segment of the Omni-tracking module, you will find a list of calls, forms and chats from prospects requesting service. You can sort, filter and adjust your date range to build a custom list based on your reporting needs.

From this view you can also listen to service call recordings or view form and chat details by clicking “View lead.” Click “View Profile” to see a timeline of your prospects web visits and pageviews.

*Users with sales manager level permissions are able to access this page

How it works

Leads are categorized as service when a prospect calls the service line, submits a service-related form, submits a form on a service page, or mentions service-related keywords in their chat messages.

Maximizing Service Opportunities

Use this list to ensure all of your customers are getting the maintenance they need, or to promote your latest discounts.

Don’t work service leads?

Export your list and hand it to the folks that do, or even better, invite your service manager to Foureyes.

Start capitalizing on your fixed (op)portunities today and jump into your Service leads here.

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