A combination of real people and AI technology to help you focus on real sales opportunities

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Too many leads, too little time. Available with the Safety Net module, Foureyes reviews your calls, forms and chats to bring your quality leads to the surface. This saves you time and helps your team prioritize prospects that are actually looking to buy.

How does it work?

There are two types of analysis behind the scenes: automated analysis using artificial intelligence and human analysis (yes - real people!)

Automated Analysis

Using a combination of hard logic and a machine learning model, leads are sorted as qualified or disqualified based on the analysis of hundreds of thousands of data points. We can’t give away our secret sauce — but speaking in generalities, forms are evaluated based on form names and the pages they exist on, and chats and call transcripts are screened for purchase intent using keywords.

Human Analysis

We have a team of analysts (real people!) listening to the phone calls (made from your website) and reviewing chats and forms to look for valid contact information and purchase intent.

The analysts also write a Foureyes Summary - a note to provide important details about your qualified leads. Summaries are included in notifications, the prospect’s Profile page and in the lead preview within your qualified leads and visitors lists.

Which prospects are qualified?

When identifying qualified prospects, we are trying to answer the following questions:

1. Did a real person perform the lead action? (e.g. not a bot, not spam, not a solicitor)

2. Are there any indicators of intent to purchase? (e.g. mention a vehicle, request information, viewed inventory or product offerings)

3. Does this person have valid contact information? (e.g. [email protected] is not valid)

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