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Omni-Tracking Weekly Report

Understand your leads and how they’re pacing

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In marketing, visibility into how many opportunities you have and where they’re coming from is key. That’s why Foureyes sends month-to-date insights straight to your inbox every Friday with the Omni-tracking Weekly Report.

Check out this report to gain a new understanding of the opportunities in your pipeline to help you make data-backed decisions to optimize sales and marketing.

Total Counts

The first part of this report, shows your counts from 3 different vantage points, each one getting more granular to give you a clear picture of which opportunities can lead to sales.

Total leads - A count of all the calls, forms and chats tracked on your website month to date.

New prospects - A count of unique people who contacted you via phone, form and chat for the first time in the last 90 days. People are your real opportunities, not just the calls, forms, and chats.

Qualified prospects* - A count of unique people who contacted you via phone, form and chat for the first time in the last 90 days and demonstrated purchase intent. With a more conservative view, you have the clearest view into your best opportunities to close and your actual revenue potential.

* See qualified prospect by qualifying leads yourself in Omni-tracking or get leads automatically qualified with Safety Net.

Reporting on qualified prospects raises the bar for measuring performance. This allows you to optimize your lead generation efforts to sales outcomes instead of just evaluating volume and averages.

How are you pacing this month?

It’s not too late to change your fate! Here is how your qualified prospects are pacing this month compared to the previous month. You can see how your prospects are trending for end of month, so you can make necessary adjustments before it’s too late or give yourself a pat on the back if you’re pacing ahead of last month.

Where are your qualified prospects coming from?

Not only is it important to know how many qualified prospects you have and how you’re pacing, but also where they're coming from so you can confidently choose which channels to invest in. Here you can see the channel and source breakdown of your sales opportunities. Use these insights to evaluate your ROI and spend efficiency or to adjust your strategy and budget.

How did qualified prospects reach out?

Today, it’s all about the consumer and catering to how they prefer to shop. Here you can see your prospects by lead type (call, form, chat) and device type (personal computer, smartphone, tablet). Insight into how people are reaching out can help you optimize your digital experience and business operations to make sure they’re built to support bringing in your best sales opportunities.

Want to talk it out? Chat us here or email us at [email protected] and our team of Foureyes experts will walk you through this report.

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