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What attribution model does Foureyes use?
What attribution model does Foureyes use?

Last click with a 30 day paid look-back

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Foureyes sets the channel and source of a lead by using the last click attribution model with a 30 day look back for paid visits.

This means Foureyes gives all of the credit to the visit during which the call, form or chat occurs. However, if the user has a visit from a paid channel in the last 30 days, the lead is attributed to paid.

For example, if someone converts on a visit from an email, but has visited the website from a display ad in the last 30 days, the lead will be attributed to the paid channel.

Why did Foureyes choose this attribution model?

Last click attribution gives you visibility into the point of conversion. This can help you evaluate which channels and sources are most effective at turning an anonymous visitor to a lead.

We’ve found that marketers have the most investment and control over the paid channel compared to the rest of the channels, so the 30 day paid look back offers the best visibility into the impact of advertising spend.

How are prospects with multiple leads represented in Omni-tracking reports?

If a prospect has multiple lead actions in the selected time period, we report on the attribution of the first lead in that period, so you can see how the lead was first acquired.

Learn more about how to use your Omni-tracking weekly report to understand how many opportunities you have and where they’re coming from here.

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