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Which prices are shown in Foureyes?
Which prices are shown in Foureyes?

The pricing data in Foureyes comes directly from your website

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All prices shown in Foureyes are those listed publicly on website vehicle display pages. Foureyes displays your lowest non-conditional price so that the prices listed can be used for any and all customers (in other words, we will not choose a price that is only available to certain eligible customers).

How does it work?

Fourbot, a data collection technology developed by Foureyes, looks at the inventory and pricing shared publicly on on your website (and over 18,000 other new car franchise dealer websites across the U.S) daily.

Why is Foureyes showing a different price for this vehicle than I see on my site?

Typically, this is due to timing. Foureyes collects updated pricing information from your website roughly every 24 hours. If you’re changing prices frequently, it’s possible that Foureyes may not pick up your most recent update until later that day.

For example, Foureyes collects a vehicle’s price of $40,000 in the evening. The next morning, the vehicle’s price is changed to $39,000. Foureyes will pick up the updated price later that evening.

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