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Curious how we’re setting up your Foureyes account?

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Curious how we’re setting up your Foureyes account? We’re happy to share what’s happening behind the curtain.

Once you fill out the Foureyes Setup Form, our setup team kicks into gear. All Foureyes products are powered by data - lots of data - so we need to start collecting it! That includes:

1) Placing the Foureyes script on your website

The foundation of Foureyes technology is website tracking. Whether you’re bringing on one Foureyes product or the full product suite, we start by placing our script on your website, so that Foureyes can track every visitor and connect lead actions to website activity.

2) Connecting to your CRM

Every Foureyes product is built to work seamlessly with your sales process. We know that your CRM is your source of truth, so Foureyes connects to your CRM with an admin login and puts your data to work for you.*

*CRM integration is recommended but not required.

3) Scraping your website for inventory information

Your prospects look to your website to learn what vehicles you have in stock and how they’re priced… so Foureyes does too! When you enroll, Foureyes begins scraping your website for inventory and pricing information daily. Any time you see inventory data in Foureyes, that’s where it came from.

Have questions about setup? Reach out to us at [email protected].

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