Customizing Prospect Engagement

A guide to customize Foureyes emails to reflect your brand

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Emails sent to your customers come from your dealership--not Foureyes--so itโ€™s important that they match your brand. Customize the look, feel and content of your emails in the admin dashboard.

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You can customize:

Wait, if I test out changes will it impact live emails?

Changes will not be reflected in live emails until you click 'Save.' Before saving, you can send yourself a test email to preview your changes, as well as clear changes to revert back to the original design.

Dealership Info


Update your logo to keep emails on brand.

Phone Number

Include a phone number to give your customers more ways to connect with you. When adding a phone number, you have the option to use a Foureyes tracking numbers to track any calls generated from the emails.


Primary Color

Customize your email buttons by choosing a primary color. You have the option to choose from popular colors, select a custom color using the slider, or enter a specific Hex code.

Background Color

The background color options are recommended based on your primary color selection. Adjust the background email colors to make the look and feel of your brand come to life.

Template Design

Header Options

Change up your email template anytime! Choose from a selection of unique header designs.

Banner Images

Add a banner image to keep customers in the know of current incentives & promotions. Choose where you want your prospect to go when clicking the banner by adding a destination URL. Your banner will appear in the footer of the email.


Customize the call-to-action text in your email buttons to give your emails your own flare, or use the recommended calls-to-action that have been optimized to drive clicks to your website.

Once you click 'Save,' your updated design will be reflected in live emails. Customize your email designs to align with your brand today!

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