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Intro to Safety Net

Get to know the lead insurance protecting your sales funnel

Written by Melody Edwards
Updated over a week ago

In this video, you'll learn about Foureyes Safety Net, the lead insurance protecting your sales funnel from costly leaks.

At the average dealership, 15% of bought-and-paid-for leads never make it into the CRM, wasting marketing dollars and costing the dealership potential sales. But now, you’ve got peace-of-mind knowing that Foureyes will log the leads that your people and systems miss.

How does it work?

Foureyes tracks every form, phone call, and chat that comes through from your website. Then Foureyes qualifies those prospects based on sales intent. Foureyes checks your CRM to make sure every sales prospect has been logged, and if a prospect is still missing after 2 hours, it’s logged for you!

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