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Get to Know the Emails Your Prospects Receive
Get to Know the Emails Your Prospects Receive

Keep Prospects Engaged with Suggested, Price Drop, and New on Lot Emails.

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By now you know that Foureyes Prospect Engagement is emailing your prospects! In this video, you'll get to know the emails they're receiving.

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The Emails Your Prospects Receive

Foureyes engages your prospects with three core email campaigns. Let's get to know them!


The Suggested campaign is a recommendation engine. Foureyes uses each prospect’s vehicle of interest and all of their browsing activity on your website to recommend vehicles that match their preferences. The more active the prospect is on your website, the more emails they’ll receive, and those emails will get smarter as they shop.

The majority of shoppers purchase a different car than they inquire about originally - these suggestions help them find the right car on your lot.

New on Lot

The New on Lot campaign keeps prospects in the loop about the vehicles hitting your showroom floor. When inventory is added to your lot that matches a prospect's interest profile, they’re notified automatically.

New inventory is newsworthy to prospects who haven’t found quite the right car yet!

Price Drop

The Price Drop campaign ensures that every interested prospect knows when you reduce prices. If a prospect has viewed a vehicle, and that vehicle drops by more than $249 (or the threshold you select), Foureyes alerts them.

They were already interested before the price drop – now they’ve got a reason to move fast.

With Foureyes Prospect Engagement, the inventory on your lot does the heavy-lifting. By the time you get on the phone with a prospect, you'll have a more informed customer who wants a car they've already seen – leaving you to do what you do best: close the deal.

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