Foureyes Release Notes

All the latest updates to Foureyes you might want to know about

Written by Joey Cusmano
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October 2023

  • Foureyes Analysis is now powered by OpenAI & ChatGPT

  • Optimized Prospect Engagement subscriber identification logic to send more emails

August 2023

  • Minor Coffee Report bugfix (reports sent twice)

June 2023

  • Multi-factor authentication required for login (per FTC regulations)

    • Login via Magic Link no longer available

May 2023

  • Sales Enablement Email Report sends every Friday morning

    • additional improvements to Sales Enablement Reporting UI

  • Standard Password Login is now the default login method (instead of Magic links)

March 2023

  • Minor improvements to login experience

February 2023

  • All years of a make/model can be excluded from Prospect Engagement emails

  • Optimization of Prospect Engagement Email Log querying logic

  • Data collection can now be disabled for abandoned forms

January 2023

  • Prospect Engagement Price Increase emails are now available

  • Sales Enablement

    • Reporting page is now available to all Sales Managers

    • List by Inventory now offers of lookback between 14, 30 and 60 Days

    • Counts removed from subnavigation menu

    • Visitors pages now display data for the last 14 x 24 hour periods

  • Stellantis Numbers page now allows users to export lists of numbers

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