What is Conversion Platform?

Categorize your leads based on where they converted

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What is it?

Conversion Platform categorizes leads based on where they converted.

For example, a lead that converted through a digital retailing tool on your website would have a Conversion Platform of “Website.” A lead that converted on Autotrader would have a Conversion Platform of “Endemics”.

Here's an example from Monthly Store Performance:

A single lead source may be separated into different Conversion Platforms, depending on where the lead action took place (i.e. a KBB Trade-In Form on your website vs KBB.com).

How do I use it?

Conversion Platform categorization allows you to track the overall performance of a platform (“are my website leads up or down?”), rolling up the performance of sources that CRMs report on separately.

The categories also allow you to make apples-to-apples comparisons between sources, knowing that performance benchmarks are often different between platforms.

How are the Conversion Platforms defined?

The Conversion Platform of a lead is mapped from the raw CRM source to enable categorization within a vendor.





Leads that converted on the dealer’s website or a group site.

  • Native website form submissions (e.g. “ddc eprice”)

  • Chats from tools living on your website (e.g. “gubagoo chat”)

  • Submissions from digital retailing tools on your website (e.g. “autofi autofi test drive”)


Leads that converted on a third party listing site.

Direct ADF leads from:

  • Autotrader

  • Cars.com

  • CarGurus


Leads that converted on a social media platform.

  • Form submissions from Facebook

  • Chat tools living on Facebook (e.g. “carnow - facebook”)


Leads that converted on an OEM site.

  • “Request a quote” leads from the OEM (e.g. “bmwusa pre-owned get a quote”

  • Trade-in leads from a trade-in tool on the OEM site (e.g. “toyotacertified.com-kbb trade-in”)

Tier 1

Leads that converted on a third party platform driven by the OEM.

Leads from:

  • Blackbook

  • Intelliprice

Search Engine

Leads that converted directly on a search engine site.

  • GMB chats

Equity Mining

Leads that were identified as new opportunities in your CRM by an equity mining tool.

Leads from:

  • AI Buying Signals

  • Auto Alert

  • Outsell

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