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How is "Contact Rate" calculated?
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The Sales Process Performance report in the Dealership Performance collection enables you to compare "Contact Rate", "Appointment Set Rate", "Appointment Show Rate" and "Show-to-Sale" rate across all your stores to see where you might have lead handling gaps.

Contact Rate

Contact rate is determined by a count of Opportunities with CRM activity indicating that the dealership established two-way communication with the customer for the first time during the selected timeframe.

This is determined by several factors:

● If the lead type is showroom, we consider the lead contacted

● If the lead has an appointment set, we consider that lead contacted

● If the lead has certain activity types, we consider that lead as contacted.

The activity type that qualifies as contacted varies by CRM. Due to data collection requirements, contacted metrics are not available for all CRMs.

  • eLead qualifying activities include:

    • read email, inbound call, system created text message, outbound call (with duration), showroom visit, in showroom, and showroom up

  • VinSolutions qualifying activities include:

    • outbound phone call (contacted), inbound phone call, email reply from prospect, incoming call, email reply from prospect, inbound text message, and showroom visit

  • DriveCentric qualifying activities include:

    • email from customer, inbound phone call, inbound text message, phone conversation, text from customer, email reply from prospect, follow-up completed and customer answered, outbound phone call (contacted), visited, and customer visited store

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