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How are "Sources" determined in UDP?
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In the Unified Data Platform, we present "Clean" values for CRM data by mapping raw sources together.

For example, we combine the following sources into the bucket "Dealer Website":

  • ddc - get eprice

  • e pricer - website

  • dealer inspire- di squeeze

This enables easy "apples-to-apples" comparisons across stores, and allows us to generate industry averages.

Where does Foureyes collect "raw source" from in the CRM?

We pull the source of the most recent active opportunity associated with that customer.

The specific field name depends on the CRM platform, but generally this will be visible on the opportunity record on the customer's profile.

What is "Source Type"?

Source Type is translated from data collected in the CRM, and is used to categorize what "type" of lead you're looking at. There are five "Source Type" values:

  • "Internet Up" = usually ADF leads generated by a form fill, either on your website or a third party

  • "Phone Up" = inbound phone calls that turn into leads

  • "Showroom Up" = walk-ins or manually created opportunities. Also usually includes "orphaned" DMS sales

  • "Campaign" = typically non-customer-initiated leads, or opportunities that are low propensity to close.

  • "Other" = any source type that we have no mapped. Less than 1% of all opportunities.

What does "CRM - Other" mean?

The source "CRM - Other" is a catch-all bucket for any lead we have not mapped to a lead source. This can happen for two reasons:

  • The CRM Source is not informative. For example, "Other", "I was too weak to ask", "null", or "unknown". These are usually walk-ins, and will have the Source Type of Showroom

  • We haven't mapped that source yet. Our source mapping is always growing and changing. We update mappings on a regular basis, so we might not have captured that source yet.

If you don't see a lead source that should be there, let us know below!

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