How does Foureyes count sales?

We use the DMS - Sold report in the CRM

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Where does Foureyes get sold data from?

In order to provide a consistent comparison across all stores, we pull sales from the "DMS - Sold" report in your CRM.

How to find the "DMS - Sold" report in your CRM


Sold contacts are found on eLead using the "Sold - DMS Sold" report found under the "Prospects" menu on any eLead account.

Not seeing customers in a DMS Sold report in Elead?

You might have the Company Option "CompanyOnlySubStatus" enabled, which only reports based on custom statuses, not system-created statuses like "DMS - Sold".

Disabling this will enable the standard DMS Sold report to show up, and sold data will populate in UDP.


Sold customers are found using the Leads report found by clicking the cross hair in the upper left menu. We use the Pipeline Stage "Delivered" to indicate a deal that has been delivered.

Sold contacts are found using the "Sold Log" report under the "Dashboard" menu.

We only record opportunities as sold when they marked with the status "Delivered"


The report for finding sold leads is found under the Reports page (found from clicking on "Reports" in the left-hand menu). Under Sales Reports, click on the Sales Tracking Report.

We collect all leads marked as "Sold" within our lookback timeframe.


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