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How does Foureyes count Close Rate?

It depends on where you look

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The Unified Data Platform enables you to monitor the performance of your team and your vendors in a number of ways, including Close Rate!

How Foureyes calculates Close Rate depends on the report.

Close Rate

The Close Rate report is designed to allow you to customize your close rate period, comparing your sources against industry and group averages. In order to facilitate an "apples-to-apples" comparison, you can choose between 7-, 30-, 60-, and 90-day close rates.

If a customer purchases a vehicle 8 days after their lead comes it, it would count as a sale when looking at a 30-day close rate, but not when looking at a 7-day close rate.

Monthly Store Performance

Since Monthly Store Performance is based on your performance this month or last month, it uses a traditional "in period" close rate.

This means that if you had 100 leads and 10 sales, you would have a 10% close rate, regardless of when those leads came in.

This is the same calculation currently used in Sales Process Performance, Vendor Performance, and Inventory Supply + Demand.

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