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Understand your shoppers with Web Traffic Report Card
Understand your shoppers with Web Traffic Report Card
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How it works

Web Traffic Report Card helps you analyze the vendors that you're primarily paying to drive traffic to your website.

You can filter by vendor, conversion platform, and opportunity type, and can compare by month or quarter.

How does Foureyes determine the source for website session?

Our website tracking collects all the same variables that you're used to in Google Analytics. We map sessions to vendors based on Channel, Referrer, UTM_Source, and Dig Ad Provider tags.

Not seeing a vendor you would expect?

We might not have mapped it yet! Reach out to our team and we'll take a look.

Influence Insights

This section highlights details about the type of traffic this vendor is generating. You can see where in the customer journey they impacting the most, whether they're driving VDPs, and how their influenced customers close vs other vendors.

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