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How do I save views and subscribe to reports?
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The Unified Data Platform is based on an embedded analytics architecture, so you can leverage that technology to customize your experience.

How to save a view

First, toggle the filters however you want the view to be set up.

Then, click "View" in the bottom bar of any report:

Then, name the view whatever you want it to be named as and save it.

Note: if you want this to be the default view you see when you go to this report, click "Make it my default"

How to set up subscriptions

In the Unified Data Platform, you subscribe to specific views. Once you have a view saved that you want to subscribe to, click "Subscriptions" at the bottom of the report:

Then the subscription options will pop-up:

We recommend setting include to "This View" and format of "Image + PDF", but you can tinker it however you can.

You can set the subject line, body, and frequency in this section as well.

Note: if you need to change or remove a subscription, reach out to the Foureyes team and we can help adjust those!

How to export data from UDP

To export a view, just click the download button on the bottom of any report:

If you're looking for the underlying data, select "Crosstab" and the table that you would like to export.

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