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What does "Trade Intent" mean in UDP?

Now you can filter Sales Process Performance by whether someone is truly a sales lead

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Trade-in forms are a massive driver of leads, across both website and third-party conversion platforms. When a customer submits a trade-in form, it's a potential 2-for-1 opportunity: you can sell them a vehicle, AND bring in a new piece of inventory.

However, not all trade-in leads have sales intent, and every store might work them differently. How can you compare sales process across stores that handle trade-ins differently?

Meet "Trade Intent" in Sales Process Performance

The "Trade Intent" toggle looks at the original lead source, and determines if the customer's original outreach was for a trade-in or not. Examples of leads with Trade Intent are:


  • Website Trade-In forms

  • AutoTrader TIM

  • Black Book

Filtering "Trade Intent" to True looks at only trade-in leads, while False will exclude trade-in leads.

For more information on what leads are being mapped as having Trade Intent, reach out to our team!

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