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Why don’t these numbers match what I’m seeing in my CRM?
Why don’t these numbers match what I’m seeing in my CRM?

There are two simple reasons

Written by Melody Edwards
Updated over a week ago

Foureyes pulls data directly from your CRM, but there are a couple of reasons the numbers may not match your CRM reports perfectly:

1. Single Customer Profiles

Foureyes merges customer records into a single profile based on email, phone number, and website visitor ID to get a true count of leads and sales. This means we require at least one valid phone number or email address for a customer to be included in reporting, and duplicates won’t be counted twice.

2. Exclusion Criteria

Some dealers have custom exclusions set up within their CRM reporting to omit particular lead sources, types, etc., which may not be reflected in Foureyes reporting. Additionally, some CRMs automatically exclude certain leads (e.g. leads manually marked “Bad”) from reporting.

While there may be minor discrepancies between Foureyes and your CRM for these reasons, you can expect reporting to be closely aligned and accurately reflect performance trends at your stores.

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