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Why does Foureyes recover a lead?
Why does Foureyes recover a lead?
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With Foureyes Safety Net, every time a lead action is recorded on the website, we look it up in your CRM to make sure it made it in.

If it's not there within two hours, we send it via ADF.

There are two kinds of "Recovered" leads in Safety Net:

  • Customers that are not in your CRM at all

  • Customers that are already in your CRM, but don't have an active opportunity

What counts as an "Active" Opportunity for Safety Net?

"Active" opportunities vary by CRM platform.


An opportunity is considered active if it has one of the "Active" statuses, as visible on the left-hand navigation in the UI:


An opportunity is considered active if it has the top level status of "Active" (as opposed to Dead or Sold)


Opportunities have three "Deal Stages": Active, Sold, or Dead. An opportunity is only considered "Active" if it has the Deal Stage of "Open"


We look at "Sales Steps" to determine if an opportunity is active.

Generally, anything from 0-5 is considered "Active", while Sold and Lost are not.

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