You make daily changes to your inventory, including moving inventory off the lot due to a variety of reasons. When a prospect has been shopping a specific piece of inventory and it is no longer available, Foureyes sends a Not Available email that also includes additional suggestions to keep them shopping.

 Not Available email example

The Not Available campaign is a triggered campaign that only triggers off of publicly available information. This means Not Available emails only go out when you make an inventory change on your website.

Here are the steps that enable that to happen:

  1. Foureyes monitors your website daily, tracking your inventory and noting which users view what inventory.
  2. When a piece of inventory is removed, Foureyes notes the change.
  3. Foureyes then cross-references this with the people who have been actively shopping this specific VIN on your website.
  4. Foureyes then sends an email to those shoppers alerting them to the change in availability and recommending other, similar vehicles. This typically takes place within 24 hours of the vehicle’s removal from the site.
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