Within your Sales Enablement module, we call your list of Qualified visitors your Prospect List.  This list is a comprehensive list of all prospects shopping your website within the last 2 weeks.

Prospect Profile

For each prospect on your list you'll receive a snapshot of the following details: Contact information, shopping activity, and follow-up recorded in your CRM.

Filter, Search, and Sort Prospects

With filter, search, and sort functionality, Managers can tailor Foureyes to suit their specific needs and quickly align with their sales goals.

Filter by:

  • Vehicle condition (new/used)
  • Tags (Flagged, Missed, Not Lost, etc.)
  • One or more salespeople, including prospects that do not have an assigned salesperson in your CRM (Managers only)
  • Paused prospects¬†

Search by:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Vehicle shopped (year, make, model, or vin number)

Sort by:

  • Assignee name (Managers only)
  • Time in market
  • Last lead action
  • Last follow up
  • Recent shopping

Additional Prospect List Features

  • Invite a CRM-assigned Salesperson to create a Foureyes account (Managers only)
  • Pause prospects who are not ready to buy.
  • Complete view of shopping history
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