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Meet New on Lot Alerts

Alerts shoppers when new vehicles are added to your lot

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When you add a new piece of inventory to your lot, interested prospects will want to know about it. In order to ensure that your customers have the most up-to-date inventory information, Foureyes sends emails with timely information about vehicles recently added to your website that match the prospect’s preferences.

The New on Lot email is a triggered alert that uses publicly available information. This means New on Lot emails only go out when you make an inventory change on your website.

Here’s how the ‘New on Lot’ alert works:

  1. Foureyes checks your site daily for new pieces of inventory. When it detects a new item advertised on your website, the vehicle is listed as ‘New on Lot’

  2. Our Vehicles of Interest Algorithm determines which prospects would be interested in the vehicle

  3. Foureyes then sends an email to those shoppers, alerting them to the new vehicle at your dealership. This typically takes place within 24 hours of the vehicle being added to your lot. Prospects will only receive one ‘alert email type’ per day.

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