The ultimate goal of Foureyes Prospect Engagement is to help your dealership sell more cars. Our Email Intelligence page shows you the impact and effectiveness of Foureyes emails in two sections, Subscribers Sold and Email Type Statistics. 

Subscribers Sold

Our Subscribers Sold section shows you the number of subscribers who purchased a vehicle at your dealership after receiving a Foureyes email within a set date range. This sold data is obtained from your dealership’s DMS sold data reporting in your CRM.

You will see up to three subscribers in your view, and you can click the ‘View All’ button to see all subscribers who purchased a vehicle within the set date range. 

Please note:

  • The default date range is the last two weeks. This can be adjusted by clicking on the date range in the top right corner of your screen. 
  • DMS data may be under-reported in your CRM.

Email Type Statistics

Beneath the Subscribers Sold section, you can view your all-time email statistics, listed by email type. To learn more about how your email metrics compare to industry averages, click here.

*This page can only be accessed by Sales Manager user types.

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