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Types of Foureyes Prospect Engagement Email Campaigns
Types of Foureyes Prospect Engagement Email Campaigns

Foureyes sends inventory based emails. Here's the list of email types.

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Because Foureyes emails are dynamic like ecommerce emails, each message features the specific vehicles your shoppers are interested in. So it’s likely you have as many email versions as you have individual shoppers—actually more—because the emails change over time based on customer engagement and actual shopping behavior.

Reviewing that kind of volume is neither scalable nor necessary as long as you understand the basic campaign types being sent. And good news: There are only three campaign types for you to review and understand. At a high-level, those campaign types are:

Suggested Vehicles

All shoppers qualified to get Foureyes emails will be in the Suggested Vehicles campaign at some point. This is the workhorse campaign that keeps your dealership and your inventory top of mind.

The Suggested Vehicles campaign take the personal preferences shoppers have exhibited (let’s say four-door trucks under $34,000) and shows inventory that matches that search. Vehicles featured could be the one that your shopper looks at most, as well as similar vehicles recently added to your lot or popular vehicles that align with preferences that are getting a lot of engagement.

Price Drops

You spend a lot of brain power determining the pricing of your vehicles for a reason—dropping prices tends to get sales attention. The Price Drop campaign helps you broadcast those updates to a larger audience, alerting people who have previously viewed that vehicle.

We only send emails when the price drops $250 or more.

New on Lot

When you add a new piece of inventory to your lot, Foureyes sends emails with timely information about vehicles recently added to your website that match the prospect’s preferences.

Tip: Remember, you can always turn off certain campaign types that don't make sense for your business. Just submit a request to our Support team.

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