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Meet Price Drop Campaigns

Alerts subscribers when the price of a vehicle drops

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The Price Drop campaign helps you by broadcasting inventory pricing changes to a larger audience. This campaign alerts shoppers when a vehicle matching their preferences is reduced in price more than the defined threshold. 

Price drop campaigns are triggered campaigns. This means price drop emails only go out when you make a change on your website. Price Drop emails can only trigger based on the text price listed on the website that is not embedded within an image.

Here are the steps that enable that to happen:

1. Foureyes monitors your website daily, tracking your inventory and noting which users view what inventory at specific price points.

2. When a new price is detected, Foureyes compares it to the previous price. If the new price is:

  • Lower than the old price by $250 or more, Foureyes calculates the savings between the old and new prices, prepping a new email version.

  • Higher than the old price, Foureyes does nothing.

  • Lower than the old price by $249 or less, Foureyes does nothing.

3. Foureyes then cross-references your website shoppers to see who may be interested in hearing about the new, lower price. This includes individuals who have seen this piece of inventory at a higher price.

4. Foureyes then sends an email to all valid shoppers meeting this criteria to alert them to the new, lower price (usually within 24 hours of the pricing change).

Tip: To change your price drop threshold change (e.g. you want Price Drop emails to send when the price drops by $100 or $500 instead of $250), see Configuring Prospect Engagement

To avoid bombarding your leads with emails, there are some built in precautions with Price Drop campaigns:

  • In instances where multiple price drops affect a shopper, Foureyes sends a roll-up email that includes up to four price drop alerts in a single message.

  • If you drop prices in small increments with great frequency, Foureyes limits price drop emails to a minimum of one every other day, per person.

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