Email Log Dashboard

See your history of all emails sent and email metrics

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Log in to see your Email Log and review the performance of your Foureyes Prospect Engagement email campaigns.

In the Email Log dashboard you can see:

  1. Total Subscribers

  2. Total Emails Sent

  3. Average Email Open Rate

  4. Average Email Click Rate

  5. Email Click-to-Open (CTO) Rate

You can also use the live search bar to easily find contacts who have received Foureyes emails. The live search bar immediately predicts who you’re looking for as you type. See every email you have sent a contact with our “all time results.”

Tip: Curious how your metrics compare to automotive industry averages? Check these out

Available with: Foureyes Prospect Engagement Pro

With CRM integration, Foureyes also logs emails directly into each specific contact’s CRM record in your CRM. You'll find outbound Foureyes emails included in your contact's activity history alongside your phone calls and notes.

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