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Exporting your recent website visitors to CSV

Steps to export these hot prospects

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Sales managers and salespeople have the option to export prospect data to a csv from their Sales Enablement module in Foureyes.

The CSV only includes the full list of prospects as shown at the time of export. Be sure to add dilters and adjust the columns you want before the export.

To export, navigate to the top left corner of the Prospect List and click the button [Export List].

The list will export via direct download. If the list exceeds 2,500 prospects, you will receive an email with the CSV file attached instead of a direct download. This may take up to 10 minutes to process and send.

Tip: Use the exported data to analyze, merge, or manipulate the data in a way that works for your dealership’s unique sales process.

Note: Times will be displayed in your specific account's timezone.

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