Why is my Prospect List empty?
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When logging into Foureyes, you may occasionally see an empty Prospect List:

Why you are not seeing prospects:

This means that Foureyes is not currently tracking customers that are assigned to you in your CRM.

What it means for you:

It is important to understand that Foureyes is tracking all leads coming from your website; anytime a prospect calls the numbers on your site, fills out a form, or conducts a chat, we will be tracking them.

As soon as a prospect takes a lead action, Foureyes scans your CRM in order to notify the assigned salesperson of their prospect's web activity.

What you can do:

If you are someone that handles walk-ins or foot traffic at the dealership, we can only notify you of your prospect's shopping activity if, indeed, they have taken a lead action on your website.

Try encouraging prospects you're working to engage with your website! Send VDP links, trade-in forms, finance forms, or anything else that will result in a lead action. Once they have identified themselves through a lead action on your website, we can show you the full scope of their shopping history.

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