How do I delete/remove a user?

Steps to delete/remove a user

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Whenever a member of your sales staff leaves the store, make sure to delete that user from your Foureyes account so notifications are only being sent to members of your team.

Steps to remove a user from Foureyes:

  1. Click on the Settings gear in the navigation bar to access your Account Settings

  2. Click on the Users tab to access the Team Management page

  3. On the Team Management page, click the trashcan icon beside the user's name in the Actions column

  4. When a pop-up appears, click "Remove" to delete the user from your account

Once the user is deleted:

  • They will no longer receive notifications about their prospects.

  • Any prospects currently assigned to them will be released and become unassigned in Foureyes.

  • Any new prospects assigned to them in your CRM will be unassigned in Foureyes.

Looking to add a new user? Learn how here.

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