Managing Unassigned Prospects in Foureyes

What does it mean if a prospect is unassigned in Foureyes?

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Unassigned prospects explained and how to handle them

Unassigned Prospects must be considered high risk and should be addressed accordingly. Either the prospect is not assigned in your CRM and is not receiving followup or the prospect doesn't have an assigned salesperson in Foureyes. If this is the case, then you’re missing out on the opportunity of knowing when and how your prospects are shopping online.

Note: When adding a salesperson in Foureyes, the name must match what is listed in the CRM otherwise the salesperson's leads will continue to be unassigned.

1. No CRM Assignment:

The prospect does not have an assigned Salesperson in your CRM.

When a prospect does not have a salesperson assignment in your CRM, this typically indicates that the lead is not being worked. Find this prospect in your CRM and assign them to a member of your team to begin following up.

2. Missing Salespeople:

Prospects are assigned to a salesperson in your CRM that has not been added as a Foureyes user.

A list of missing salespeople are displayed on the Team Management page. Simply add them as users and Foureyes will match them with their unassigned prospects.

3. Recovered:

Leads that Foureyes captures that never made it into your CRM will show up as unassigned until they are assigned a salesperson in your CRM.

Foureyes will send an internet lead for prospects that were not logged in your CRM, however, on occasion, CRMs do not accept these leads. If the lead is never added to your CRM, it will show up as unassigned in Foureyes. A list of rejected leads can be found in the Site & Systems Performance section of the Business Intelligence report.

4. CRM Sync Interrupted:

On the rare occasion that Foureyes cannot sync with your CRM, either because access is interrupted or disabled, Foureyes will be unable to match prospects with CRM assignments.

Typically, minor interruptions are quickly resolved. If Foureyes access to your CRM is disabled, your Product Specialist with contact you to restore integration.

Jump into your Prospect List and use your filters to address your Unassigned Prospects.

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