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Why should I add an unassigned specialist?
Why should I add an unassigned specialist?

This is a great practice to make sure you don't miss any leads

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It can be hugely beneficial to have a designated Sales Manager handle unassigned prospects. This will ensure that these prospects are handled appropriately and aren't falling through the cracks.

To add a Sales Manager as an unassigned specialist, follow these steps:

1. Go to your user list
2. Find the Sales Manager you'd like to handle unassigned prospects
3. Click on notifications settings (bell shaped icon on the right!)
4. Check the notifications box for "For unassigned prospects"

By doing this, the Sales Manager you selected will receive notifications when a prospect in Foureyes is unassigned. Once notified, they will quickly be able to assign to a salesperson for follow-up to be made!

To read more about what unassigned prospects are, as well as how to handle them, click here.

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