What is Flagged?

Prospects who should be your top priority for follow-up

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Your Flagged list is an excellent place to start your daily follow-up.

Who they are: A flagged visitor is a shopper who has returned to your website but Foureyes has not found CRM activity logged in the CRM since their return. Visitors are Flagged for 14 days or until Foureyes finds activity recorded in the CRM after the prospect’s last visit on your website.

How to handle: We know that not all prospects who return to the website need follow up, but we want to make sure you don’t lose any opportunities. Review a list of Flagged visitors in the Coffee Report or in the Flagged Visitor segment in the Qualified Visitors list to identify which visitors still need follow-up. Once you’ve identified the next best step for each prospect, record that activity in the CRM (even if it’s just a note) to ensure the prospect is no longer flagged.

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